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First, we invoke every Nun of the Above
who has gone before us,
And on whose twisted glittery path
we now set foot.
May their fallen sequins
shimmer along the road
And the White of their Faces
shine forth from ours.

We invoke the spirit
of Radical Creativity and Universal Joy
That is known as David Bowie
In his incarnation of Jaereth, the Goblin King.

On our adventure through the Labyrinth:
May we Dance Magic Dance
May we help others shed their Burdensome Junk
May we wear Plastic jewelry as Fabulous friends
May we keep speaking to the rocks
May we not lose our heads
May we be Helping Hands
May we Give Permission.

And the greatest lesson of the Goblin King,
Never forget when to say
"You have no Power over me."
By the Glory of his Arching Brows
By his well handled Crystal Balls and
By the Power of his Ever Visible Bulge,
So mote it be,